Thursday, May 26, 2016

Little Transitions

We're about to head into a long weekend, but not before one more half day of school. I cannot believe second grade is over! Aurora has had an amazing week which included telling jokes in-between acts at the talent show, getting her yearbook, going to her last Girl Scout meeting of the year, and having her last playdate with Vivi & Lizzy. She also made this awesome video:

Aurora had fantastic teachers and the Principal sent out an end of year message today that nearly had me in tears. "I’m desperately trying to step gracefully to the cadence of time marching on. Admittedly, I am having a hard time letting go of all our children as the little transitions from grade to grade, and gradually larger stepping stones to middle and high school, appear to be trying to camouflage the BIG milestones taunting us from around the corner. It feels like our children are little for sooooo long and then poof-" The baby phase seems to last forever, then before you know it your little baby is going into THIRD GRADE! Well, not before a few months of summer break...

Saturday, May 21, 2016


The clear highlight of this weekend was the Bubble Run 5K, which Aurora & I ran/walked with Anne, Melody, Presley and Elizabeth. Aurora's done kids runs before, but this was her first full 5K! It was super fun, quite colorful and very wet.

Aurora says she's a runner girl now so we can expect her to be participating in more events like this in the future. In fact, we happen to have another run on the calendar next weekend! Here's hoping her shoes will be dry by then...

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pool Party

This weekend we attended a pool party to say goodbye to our sweet neighbors, Vivian & Elizabeth. Aurora has been so lucky to have twin girls her age living two doors down for the last 3-years, but they're moving back to Houston and everybody in 2nd grade is going to miss them! When we RSVP'ed, Aurora told me she would have fun at the party and cry afterwards.

Clark stayed with me for most of the party. He did decide to go swimming for a few minutes, though we hadn't packed his shorts because he insisted he would not want to go swimming. Luckily, boys can get away with undies in a pool. "Mommy, these are my muscle sprouts!"

I know that there will be tears on the last day of school, but we're hoping that a great family will move in and Aurora will have some new friends to play with soon.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Seeing Red

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Aside from being like second moms, their teachers ensured that every child came home with amazing Mother's Day projects, which I for one appreciated immensely! It was also Game Day in Aurora's GT program (Chuck attended).

We spent the first part of the weekend marking the end of babyhood in this house, as we transformed Clark's nursery into a big boy room. We have officially outgrown the crib/daybed and rocking chair that got us through two babies/toddlers. They've been replaced with the coolest bed on the planet. Clark hasn't wanted to sleep in his room lately, but last night he had no problems.

This morning I made breakfast, headed out for a quick run, then got ready for a girl's day out with Aurora. We brought cheese, crackers, strawberries, chocolates, and wine to Painting with a Twist, Mommy and Me edition. I painted the big tree and Aurora made the little one. It was very sweet, and Aurora's glad to have something new (and red) to go in her room as well.

By the time we came home the boys had finished the food shopping, complete with flowers and cheesecake. What more could a mama ask for? Being a Mom at this stage is nonstop, but it's such a blessing. Being a working mom has been incredibly fulfilling, but these last couple of weeks have been especially hectic and I'm not sure our moms (or the kid's teachers) got as much appreciation as they deserve. We love and appreciate you, today and everyday. Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Forward and Back

This weekend has been unusual in that we've had NOTHING ON THE CALENDAR. Honestly, I think we all needed a bit of downtime. It's been quite a week. On Monday I went to a luncheon with my HR Team from LIVESTRONG circa 5 years back. It was great to see Mona & Bailey!

On Thursday my manager from Travis County took me out to lunch. It was my last full day in the office. I have sincerely enjoyed working with Dianna and didn't intend to be such a short-timer.

Friday morning I took a 5-mile run, then used the locker facilities one last time, said my goodbyes to the team at Travis County, and headed to LIVESTRONG for my first day back as Director of People Programs. It was a week filled with a LOT of hugs (and lunches!).

The minute I arrived at the Foundation I felt right at home. I have a new desk, a new title, some new responsibilities, and a whole new outlook moving forward - but was glad to see so many old friends. I was afraid I might feel uncomfortable or regret the decision, but honestly I'm more excited about my work and career than I have been for a long time. 

As for this weekend, I've been reading, prepping meals for the week, doing laundry, caring for a 3-year old boy with pinkeye, and watching Aurora apply the makeup she got for her birthday. When she's ready, I'll give her some pointers. Until then...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Big Spender

This week Chuck traveled to California for work. Luckily, we were able to spend the evenings with my parents and Finley before they headed back to Florida, which was great - but our bedtime routine was all off. The kids coped by having sleepovers in Aurora's room.

This weekend we didn't have any plans so we took Aurora to use her birthday gift cards. She had gift cards for Claire's and Amy's Ice Cream and felt like such a big spender!

It is clear that our big spender would rather spend time with her family than any amount of money. Chuck and I are both going through job transitions this week and randomly, it looks like we're both going to be working for our previous employers again! The kids are big enough now that if either of us has the opportunity to travel for work in this next phase of our careers, we can do it. I'm sure it won't happen often, but if it does, these two will cope just fine...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I know I said I would only be posting on Sundays, but the kids recently brought home their SCHOOL PICTURES and I say that calls for an extra post! Aurora is just as sweet as ever - and Clark, well, let's just say the kid knows how to pose for a group photo.

This week Aurora also submitted a poster for Travis County's Healthy People, Healthy Planet fair. It was a fun event and I was so excited to see her art on display! It's been a completely crazy week on the job-front for both me and Chuck, but I think I'll save that for another post. Perhaps even another mid-week post. We'll see!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I must be in denial about my little girl getting so big, because when I went to put candles on this awesome stack of cake donuts, I stopped at 7 and it took me awhile to figure out I had it wrong! We've been planning this beautiful donut cake and party for MONTHS. Aurora always plans her birthday way in advance and amazingly, she never changes her mind. I think her Build-a-Bear (er... Build-a-Bunny) party was totally worth the wait.

After a few rounds of BINGO and donuts in the food court, the kids picked out adorable bunnies, bears and puppies, found cute outfits, then sang Happy Birthday to our sweet girl. She heard that song several times this weekend, including during her family birthday dinner at Mesa Rosa.

Tomorrow's her actual birthday so I'm sure she'll be treated to an extra special day at school, but as far as I'm concerned this eighth birthday is in the books and I'm pretty sure Aurora thought it was the best birthday weekend EVER!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hey Hey!

Last year Aurora's Girl Scout troop went on a weekend camping trip to Inks Lake. Our family had camped at Inks Lake the year before, but Clark and I weren't quite ready for a weekend apart. We ended up going on another little family camping trip to Jellystone Park instead. This year's Girl Scout camping trip ended up being at Jellystone Park! And this year, we were ready. Aurora and I packed our bags after school on Friday and carpooled over with Presley and her mom. We spent 2 nights camping in cabins with 12 other families, and it really could not have gone any better. Our troop leader did an amazing job planning group meals and activities, and one of the dads kept the camp fire going just right for every cookout. I even found another mom to go on a 6-mile run with and we had a chance to explore Canyon Lake while the girls were on a nature scavenger hunt.

The girls helped with meal prep and cleanup. They did arts & crafts, jumped on the huge bouncy pillow, took a Hey Hey Ride, and told scary stories after dark. We didn't get a ton of sleep, but it was an awesome weekend and the troop earned "Camp like a Girl" badges. Aurora cried when it was time to leave, but we were both happy to get home and see our boys.